If You Love Paradise, Why Not Own It?

Investment in Relaxation Find what you love and own it

If you already love Costa Rica, this is your chance to become an owner and investor.

Costa Rican Real Estate has years of experience in buying and developing land in this gorgeous country. We can show you land that is among the most beautiful parcels in Costa Rica – to build a home, a luxury estate or to create your own development.


Spending time in Costa Rica is always delightful, but the Osa Peninsula is even more enjoyable.


Learn how properties on the Osa Peninsula could provide ideal investment opportunities whatever your goals.


Visiting is enjoyable but owning is wonderful.  When you invest, your piece of paradise can help pay for itself.


Learn how buying Costa Rica land to build a home for your vacation AND to gain income from rentals can be an investment in your future, and let you make money when you’re not there.

Or, if you want be more than just an investor – you can buy land and create a development – everything from multiple homes to a resort complex and anything in between.

A Great Place to Invest

There are many investment opportunities, but very few have all the benefits of buying property in Costa Rica.  If the idea of land ownership is attractive, you have many options.  You can buy to have a regular place to vacation and have the property help pay for itself through rental income or you can buy for the income. 

Once you decide why you want to invest, we can show you a range of properties that are suitable and within your budget.

Our Three-Step Process


  1. 1Book a trip and a stay at the Whale Resort – which we own – to have a base of operations and, of course enjoy the delights.
  2. 2We will help you decide whether ownership is right for you and, if it is, what properties you should investigate.
  3. 3If you decide to purchase, we can guide you through the process to make the buying process as uncomplicated as possible.

Even if you don’t decide to purchase, you will have had a wonderful vacation (and as a business trip, a possible tax write-off, ask your CPA.)